Teacher Forces Her Shy Student To Speak In Front Of The Entire Class. What He Does? INCREDIBLE

Nicknamed Mushy, Musharaf addressed his fellow classmates during an end of year speech. Before he even opened his mouth to talk, he placed a pair of earphones over his head, much to the confusion of his peers. When he began his speech, everyone was in shock.
Mushy had begun being bullied during year 7 (that’s the 5th grade in the US), and his attendance for school dropped to about 34%. He was being bullied for being an immigrant and, on top of that, having a stammer. His teacher, Matthew Burton, tried to help him work through this problem. It was after watching The King’s Speech that Burton was inspired to try using music as a way to distract Mushy’s busy mind in order to calm his speech impediment. It worked. When Mushy got up to address his class, he stunned them.

Watch the video below and witness his stunning transformation.

[Source: Youtube]

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