Here’s Another Cloud Leisurely Floating Down The Street

I don’t blame those people for leaving that cloud alone. That certainly is strange, whatever it is.

 A cloud rolling down the hood is not something you see every day.

 The clip shows a ball of cloud casually floating around. It passes through parked cars, and people seemed very amused and curious about it. Some speculates that it’s a lightning cloud.

It somehow looks like Goku’s cloud nimbus wandering around the earth. It seems a bit lonely though, and out of place. But until the end of the video, no one interrupted the cloud’s passage, no one even came near it. Everyone was probably contented seeing it and taking a video of it. No one wants to get involved with something that strange, right?

[Source: Youtube]

But in February 4, 2016, a group of citizens witnessed the moment that weird clouds fall to the ground. The rare phenomenon occurred days after strange sounds were heard in other regions of Morocco.

Conspiracy theorists and sky-watchers are debating the cause of bizarre foam 'clouds' that have been filmed falling from the sky in Morrocco.

A video showing a strange white substance settling across the coastal region of Doukkala has quickly gone viral , amassing thousands of views.

So far, explanations have included everything from alien intervention to Government weather manipulation and naturally occurring sea foam.

The clip shows a man wandering through the spooky formations, which up close looks similar to candy floss.

Walking around in audible wonder, he grabs a handful of the stuff, which clings to his arm like a spider's web.

At one point a huge bubble is blown upright by the wind, and rolls across the road.

 Paranormal blog UFO Sightings Hotspot speculated that the phenomenon was liked to a noise heard in various parts of the world , including Morrocco, in January.

"Clouds cannot plunge off the sky and settle on the ground," the blog says.

"Are these ‘clouds’ another proof of geoengineering and weather manipulation [sic]?"

Some viewers suggested it was in fact sea foam - while another said it was a result of untreated sewage, and that the man was best advised not to touch the stuff.

[Source: Youtube]

 We can't forget another video filmed by an Emirati and published on YouTube in 2011 shows it happened in the UAE and the lucky photographer considers it as a heavenly miracle.

The 3.5-minute film showed the small white cloud flying low above the green ground like a massive piece of cotton before taking a downward direction and falling off to settle on a fence in the fertile Bida Faris area just outside the eastern oasis town of Al-Ain.

The unidentified man who captured the unique phenomenon then handed his camcorder to a farm worker at the area and asked him to continue shooting as he headed towards the cloud and pushed his hand through it.

The film, carried in several newspapers in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, showed the cloud split into some parts as it hit the ground. Small parts were seen blown off by the wind while the main part remained stuck to the fence.

“I could not have believed this hadn’t I seen it and captured it,” the man said in Arabic. “I believe this is a miracle that illustrates God’s power.”

[Source: Youtube]

But, clouds cannot plunge off the sky and settle on the ground, It's just an artificial foam according to Meteorologists..

Well, if it's artificial foam where it comes from and are these ‘clouds’ another proof of geoengineering and weather manipulation?

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