Stormzy Puts Himself Forward To Be The Next Prime Minister

Everybody calm the fuck down. Things may be looking a little bleak this morning but an unlikely hero is here to save us. One we can all get behind and actually believe in.

South London MC Stormzy has put himself forward to be the next UK prime minister. That's right. If you don't rate him, shame on you.

The grime artist tweeted earlier today, "how many retweets do I need to become Prime Minister?" and, naturally, he's racked them up.

Less than two hours after it was confirmed that the UK had voted to leave the EU, David Cameron had announced his resignation.

Boris Johnson is the bookies' favourite to replace Dave but Stormzy will undoubtedly be the people's.

Come on guys, let's make Britain great again #StormzyForPrimeMinister.
Welfare cuts and austerity? Tell my man shut up. 

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