Squirrels Kept Eating His Bird Feed So He Set Up A Trap, But Watch What This Squirrel Does...

As a child, Andy Hageman enjoyed working with his father in the backyard. The family had setup a nice bird feeder, and each day, beautiful birds would settle down for a quick snack. However, over time, the bird feeder became a main source of food for squirrels as well as birds.
It reached a point where squirrels were eating more food than the birds. The Hagemans had enough, and they decided to do something to stop the squirrels. Andy’s father setup a obstacle course that would make it difficult for squirrels to reach the bird feeder.
To see how effective this solution was, the Hagemans set up a camera to watch the feeder. If no squirrels could reach it, then it would the perfect solution to their problems. However, they never expected one clever little squirrel to do the unthinkable.
To reach the bird feeder, a squirrel must overcome an epic obstacle horse. There are spinning wheels, slippery wooden tubes, and a long line of string.
While many squirrels fall off during their attempt, one squirrel proved up for the challenge. This squirrel was ready to embark on his very own Mission Impossible.
Watch what he does in the video below.
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