Son Ignores Mom His Whole Life. Then He Looks Inside Her Casket After She Dies And Sees It

“The greatest gift my mother ever gave me…she believed in me,” Marc Mero tells the crowd of students.

 Formerly known as an American amatuer boxer and professional wrestler, Mero has experienced his fair share of roadblocks in his life.
“I have overdoses on drugs on three occasions, where I believe I should have been dead. You show me your friends, and I will show you your future,” Mero told his audience.
“I hung out with losers, and I became the biggest loser of them all because I gave up everything I dreamt about as a little boy,” Mero states.

 Marc spoke to the students about his amazing mother, who often stayed up past 3 am just so she could be there for Marc when he came home from his wild nights out.
During a wrestling event in Japan, Mero received some devastating news when he learned that his mother had passed away.
Running out of the hotel at 3 am and into the streets of Hiroshima, Japan, Mero looked into the sky and called for his mother to come back to him, but she never did.

Standing over his mother’s casket when he returned home, Mero looked at her and said, “Mom, you are my hero. Everything I am, everything I hope to be is because of you. You are the only one that only believed in me.”
“How did I repay her, by getting drunk, by getting high, by getting stupid.”
Marc Mero looks into the crowd and exclaims that he could have made a world of difference in her life if he was just a better son to her.
The camera pans around the room as students everywhere cannot hold back their tears while listening to Mero’s heartbreaking story.
Unfortunately, Mero’s spiral into the world of drugs caused him to overlook one of the most important people in his life, his own mother.

Wearing a shirt with “Dream Big” written on the front in bold big letters, Mero urges the audience of students in front of him to always cherish their families and loved ones.
Mero’s message to the world is simple. Our lives, our families, and our loved ones are all precious gifts.
It is important to cherish these things while we have them, but unfortunately it is too late for Marc to connect with his mother.

Marc Mero may have lost his mother before he could express his love to her, but his message to the world reminds us that simply being present in the moment and focusing on the people that care about should always be the priority.

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