Python Getting Trapped Inside Its Own Skin After Shedding is Plain Creepy

But then, watching a deadly creature fail at life gives me pure joy.

 This python sheds his skin in one perfect piece but gets trapped inside and slithers in circles for three hours before breaking free.

 Tim shed his skin around a spinifex bush, forming a complete circle with his dead skin as the footage shows. After trying to exit from his bubble wrap-esque skin for the first time, Tim hit the side of another snake and was forced back in through the mouth of his already shed skin, where he continued to circle.


The snake has done laps in its old skin after shedding the outer layer in a perfect circle. It managed to break free from his sloughed skin after a ‘marathon shedding session’ and is back in his enclosure at the reptile center.

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[Source: Youtube]

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