Since No One Believed Her When She Said Her Twins Do THIS At Bed Time, She Filmed It…

If you’re a parent, you’ll probably agree that getting your kids to go to bed is one of the most exhausting parenting chores.

Kids undoubtedly resist and try to come up with a million reasons they should stay up later.

But one exhausted mom was in for a huge surprise when she asked her twins to “Go to bed.”

See what their adorable response was in the video below!
When the video starts, the two cute twins are seated on the carpet holding their toys.

Suddenly mom says, “Go to bed. Go to bed, hurry!”

The twins stand up and start running toward their bedroom.
When they get inside, they go to their crib and lift their bottles and throw them over the edge inside.
Then they grab onto the edge of their cribs and haul themselves up and over the edge.
“Good job!” mom praises her twin boys. They return big happy grins for the job well done.
At that point mom tells them to say “night-night.” They do!

You’ve got to see this adorable moment in the video below.

We hope these twin boys stay this well-behaved forever. How precious!
[Source: Youtube]

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