She Wraps A Balloon With Clear Plastic And Creates Something That I Never Thought Of

 Balloons are a necessity it when it comes to throwing a party. They are great decorations that can make any party stand out.
 However, because balloons are almost used at every single party, using balloons in the traditional fashion can get a bit old. That’s why, we have compiled a list of creative ideas that utilize balloons in a new way.
These ideas are not only simple to do, but they will take your parties to the next level!
Make Normal Balloons, Cooler
Paint a bunch of foam balls different colors. Then, thread them together with a string and needle. Add a bit of hot glue at each end (after you’ve positioned them on the string) to hold the foam balls in place. Then attach the string to a balloon.
Find more details here. Doesn’t this just make a balloon cooler?

 LED Light Up Balloons
Who doesn’t like balloons that glow? Go to your local dollar store and purchase a few small LED lights. These usually are keychains. Then place one in a balloon and blow it up.
Watch the balloons light up!

 Ice Cream Cone
Rather than having just a balloon, why not get creative and create an ice cream cone?
More instructions can be found here.

 Decorate Them With Stickers
Adding phrases or names onto a balloon will make them more special.

Add Confetti
Cut confetti into triangle shapes. Place them inside a clear, see-through balloon and blow it up. Now the confetti will move around inside the balloon creating a gorgeous decoration!

 Tassel Fringe
Don’t just use an ordinary, plain-old string for a balloon. Instead, switch it up and try a tassel fringe. It can make a balloon much more festive.
 Use Tulle
Wrap some tulle around a balloon. It’s simple, but it can make a drastic difference. Then, after covering it, decorate the bottom with flowers or get creative!

 Balloon Garland
Create a garland using just balloons. First, use a needle and a threat to string the balloons into a garland. Insert the needle into the outer knot of the balloon – be careful not to pop any.

 Personalize A Balloon With Pom Poms
Add a few colored pom poms to a balloon to give it a fresh look.

 Wrap Flowers Around The String
Wrap some flowers around the string for a different look that will make the balloon stand out.
 Flower Shaped Balloons
Make a flower out of multiple balloons. It’s really easy to do, and it’s unique!
For a tutorial, click here.

Kids will love this. Cover a balloon with cellophane and use a wrapping paper cardboard tube as the stick.
Click here for directions.

 Streamers For More Fun
Streamers can easily make a balloon look more fun.
 Don’t have helium?
If you don’t have helium, then don’t fret. Hang the balloons from the ceiling instead. If you use various lengths it will create more texture!
 Honeycomb String
Using 1 inch and 5 inch honeycombs, attach them to a balloon string. Starting from the bottom, stack each honeycomb on top of each other.

 Make Your Balloons Sparkle!
Dazzle your guests by making a balloon sparkle. All you need is Mod Podge and glitter.
 Hot Air Balloon
This adorable hot air balloon might look difficult to make, but it’s really easy. If you don’t have helium, then use a clear straw to keep the balloon upright.
Using two pieces of ribbon, tie them around the balloon as straps. You want them to criss cross over the top.

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