She Spent Months Crocheting Thin-Gauge Copper Wire - The End Result Completely Astonished Me

 While most of us crochet yarn and wool for fun, one woman is crocheting copper wire for a stunning reason.
Anne Mondro is an associate professor at the University of Michigan. In 2006, she partnered with the university to develop a course titled Retaining Identity: the role of creativity in the healthcare setting. The class matched students with persons with dementia, encouraging them to find ways to use creativity and art to brighten spirits. The class explored the potential of “art to lift the human spirit in times of illness.”
As a leader in the course, Mondro wanted to create a stunning metaphor that highlights the relationship between patients and their caregivers. Using thin gauge copper wire, Mondro meticulously crocheted a realistic 3D model of a heart. It’s anatomically correct down to the very last detail!
 Mondro explains, “This piece is very personal. I’ve been working with older adults with memory loss and their caregivers. It’s so intense to be a caregiver. When you care for a loved one, the two of you become intertwined. You take on their vulnerabilities but also their strengths. As I thought about that relationship, it was important that these forms be tied together somehow.”
Mondro spent a whole year researching the anatomy of the heart. She wanted her model to be as accurate as possible, especially since it singlehandedly encompassed the meaning of her work.

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