She Saw Something In Oncoming Traffic And Stopped Her Car...What A Hero!

It only takes a few seconds to change someone -- or in this case, something's life.

A woman was driving down a busy street in Tula, Russia, when she spotted something out of the corner of her eye. While most people would have -- and did ignore the fleck on the road, this Good Samaritan refused.

Stopping and putting her car in park, not only did she run out into speeding traffic, but she saved a life in the process!

While we couldn't find any information about just who this woman is or if the kitten survived, it looks like the little fluff ball was moving when she swept him up.

We can only hope that she got the little guy the help and nourishment he needed. Thank goodness she stopped and jumped into action -- we need more selfless people like this in the world!

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