She Let Her Cat Out With A GPS Tracker… When She Saw What He Secretly Does It Left Her Stunned

A team in Australia decided to figure out once and for all one aspect of domestic cats’ lives: what they do when they’re let outside. Most cat owners figure their kitty only roams their yard, but what this project showed is… quite different.

A lot of cat owners say: “Oh my cat just sleeps on the end of my bed, it doesn’t go anywhere”
 Turns out some of the cats have “gone three kilometres from home”
 “I thought Semi particularly would be just local — bottom of the garden or next door’s yard,” one of the pet owners said
 He was completely shocked when he learned that Semi was going into bushland and “over the hill and far away”
 “Looking for food… is probably the primary thing because he’s usually around eight and a half kilos which [the vet says] is far, far too heavy”

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