She Finds A Tiny Cabin Hidden On Her New Property - Wait Until You See What She Does With It

Just in case you don’t know, there’s a trend among woman right now that is slowly starting to receive national attention. It involves a woman turning an old hunting cabin into an incredible Victorian hideaway. Yes, the “She Shed” trend is now in full force.
When Sandra got married to Todd, things changed. Sandra, although she loved Todd, realized that they lived their lives quite differently. Sandra liked to be neat. Todd like to be messy. Todd loved to collect tractors and tools while Sandra loved collecting vintage decorations. Sandra realized she needed a space for herself.
So after Sandra and Todd moved into a large wooded property, Sandra got to work in remodeling an small old abandoned cabin out in the woods of their property:
“Armed with a crowbar, hammer and electrical saw, she removed the front of the cabin and extended the floor and porch, using salvaged floorboards. She framed out the porch and found columns, a screen door and hardware…”
After months of hard work, she was done. She had made an incredible personal cabin that catered to everything she liked.
The “She Shed” trend is sweeping woman everywhere much like it did Sandra. If you want to take a look inside Sandra’s incredible final product, watch the video below.
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