She Bought An Old, Foreclosed Cabin From The 50s. No One Expected Her To Transform It Into THIS

Tina Spangler was living the city life in New York City when she suddenly felt an urge for a drastic change. She wanted a simpler life, so she passed up the city life and uprooted herself two hours away to a small, forgotten town called Narrowsburg, New York.
It was once the popular vacation destination in the 1950s, but by the 1970s, it became mostly abandoned as the dam was removed from the town and the water in the lake was drained. Spangler purchased an old foreclosed cabin in this community. While it may sound strange at first, just wait until you see what she did with the cabin…
Spangler filled the home with many items that she collected throughout her life. She transformed the cabin into a museum of sorts that documented her vast travels and adventures. For instance, you can find a 1920’s rug in the house and a 1930’s monitor-top refrigerator.
In a featured article on Etsy about Spangler, the author writes, “When people decorate, it’s not from one particular year. People hold onto things for decades, so I think that there’s no rules that it has to be from a certain decade or from a certain year.”
This ideology is reflected in her home decór.
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