Schooll Bans "Lord's Prayer" From Graduation, But No One Expected Students To Do THIS

 Due to the school board’s demands, East Liverpool High School was forced to remove the Lord’s Prayer from the program of the graduation ceremony. However, students wanted to keep the tradition that was held for 70 years, so they did something unexpected.
School officials removed the song from the graduation ceremony after the Freedom from Religion Foundation threatened to sue because the song promoted religion and violated the U.S. Constitution.  While many school officials didn’t agree with decision, their limited budget prevented them from doing much. They simply couldn’t afford to engage in a legal battle.
“It was a decision made because we don’t have a lot of money and we’d rather hire teachers than pay lawyers,” explained board president Larry Walton.
 Upon hearing Lord’s Prayer would be removed from their graduation ceremony, the senior class took it upon themselves to make a stand. During their ceremony, the students stood up and recited the famous prayer just after class valedictorian Jonathan Montgomery welcomed the family, friends, and faculty members to the graduation ceremony.
Though many thought it was an organized revolt, East Liverpool Superintendent Melissa Watson said, “It was totally spontaneous, apparently something the kids wanted to do. I had no knowledge of it. The crowd seemed to support it.”

These students stood up for what they believe was right. This was an act irrespective of religion. These students chose to take a stand and made sure their voice was heard.
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