Rude Customer Starts Abusing An Employee With Down Syndrome. But What Happened Next? OMG!

The world is filled with various kinds of people. They come from different races, backgrounds, cultures, and traditions. Some of them are over the top wealthy, while some of them don’t have the money to even fill their empty stomachs. Some people are healthy, while some people suffer from various conditions and require special needs. But discriminating between them is not a solution. We need to embrace each other’s differences.

The video below features an episode from “What Would You Do?” An actor with Down syndrome poses as an employee at Kilroy’s Wonder Market in New Jersey. The work of the second actor is to degrade him in front of other customers. Wait till you see the reactions when the second guy starts verbally abusing the special needs employee.

Watch the video below! What would you do if you witnessed such harassment in front of you? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Youtube]

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