Rolls-Royce Just Unveiled This Insanely Awesome Self-Driving Car

 Like it or not, driverless cars could become a common sight on our motorways very soon.

But, let’s be honest, none of the concepts that have been put forward so far are incredibly good-looking.

Until now, that is.

Rolls-Royce have just released their vision for a self-driving future and it’s like something out of the space age.

As with any concept car, the finer details remain pretty sketchy at this stage.

But these are the things we do know:
[Source: Youtube]
This model is called the 103EX and it’s almost 20ft long.

On the inside, you’ll find a silk-covered sofa for two and the now obsolete steering wheel has been replaced with a see-through glass display screen.

The artificial intelligence personal assistant, called Eleanor, will be able to take you wherever you need to go.
 It also seems to have some sort of holographic internal display that forms its logo out of semi-luminescent specs that swirl around the interior of the car. So damn cool.

The engine is in the boot area, while the luggage compartment is just behind the front wheels.

Oh yeah, and the ‘wheels’. You’ve noticed those, right? We have no idea why they’ve all gone all Audi in I, Robot, but I’m sure there’s some logical reason behind it.
If you want one of these, however, we have some bad news. It’s not expected to hit the market for around three decades.

Yeah, really – you heard us right.

They’ve teased us with this concept car, which, lets be honest, is a thing of beauty, and then they hit us with that crushing bombshell? Bit of a dick move, but hey, the 2040’s will come sooner than we think.
[Source: Youtube]
In the meantime, I’m just going to keep praying for that big lottery win.

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