'Robot Wars' House Robot Upgrades Make Them Meaner Than Ever

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Earlier this year, we discovered which house robots would be returning to our screens on the new Robot Wars – and now we know what upgrades contestants have to fear from them.

Changes we are already aware of include the hosting team of Dara O’Briain and Angela Scanlon – while fans are delighted that Jonathan Pearce will be back in the commentary booth.

But, as reported by Yahoo, fans really want to know what destructive capability to expect in the arena.

Well here’s what we can expect from the infamous team of house robots:


Weighing in at 350kg, Matilda still features her impressive tusks, which are capable of lifting 1.5 tonnes.

She will be sporting upgraded armour making her heavier than before, and even more of a bastard to deal with.


Shunt the bulldozer bot will also pose a fierce challenge, and contestants may want to stay out of his way – especially if the pit also returns.

Now equipped with enough power to tow a van and weighing 327kg, Shunt’s power could be the end of a fair few contestants in the upcoming series.

Add to that his titanium axe which strikes at a speed of 0.25 seconds

 Dead Metal

Dead Metal’s pincers look deadlier than ever, and once caught in them robots will be subjected to his circular saw which now spins at a lethal 340kph.

A non-weapon based upgrade has also seen the tyres of Dead Metal increased in size – giving him greater stability.

All the better for destroying the hopes and dreams of a team that’s spent years preparing for battle.

Sir Killalot

Then we have the big daddy, Sir Killalot.

This monster has bulked up – a lot! From 520kg to a staggering 741kg, it’ll take someone brave to try pushing him around.

With the ability to lift 300kg, Sir Killalot will also now feature a rotating drill lance and a hydraulic claws which have a crushing force of 2.5 tonnes.

Bring it on!

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