Quick-Thinking Woman Tosses Her Purse To Outsmart Thieves

CCTV footage shows a quick-thinking woman stop the attempt of a pair of wannabe thieves acting in tandem.

 Ituzaingo, the suburb in Buenos Aires where it happened, has a low crime rate. That maybe because it’s a rather well-off suburb, or just because people here are sharp when it comes to things like this.

 The video shows the woman walking down the footpath and preparing to open a gate when two men pull up just in front of her on a small motorcycle. One man gets off the bike and approached the woman quickly with his assumed intention to snatch her bags and flee on the vehicle.

His assumed target was too quick though, noticing the threat and throwing them over the secure fence through which she was headed. As soon as her belongings were no longer in her possession, the man took off on foot and the crisis was averted.

[Source: Youtube]

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