Puppy Runs Towards A Cop, But Wait Until The Dog Realizes Who He Is... Incredible!

 Animals deserve to live normal lives. Sad to say, some humans interfere and make their lives miserable. Fortunately, there are people out there committed to saving these animals and making a difference.
During a drug bust in a motel room in Tustin last March, a puppy named Bubba was found in the room. He tested positive for heroin and meth. The terrier mix canine was immediately handed over to Orange County Animal Care for care and treatment.
 Days after, the animal care group contacted the Tustin Police Department saying the puppy has been responding positively to the treatment for drug addiction.
It was great news for a dog who was mistreated and abused, but an even better surprise was planned for him.
He was reunited with Officer Laurich, the man who saved the pup during the drug bust.
According to the police department’s Facebook page, “Bubba looked very healthy and happy and both he and Officer Laurich seemed to thoroughly enjoy their time together.”
Assistant Director Katie Ingram also shared that Bubba has adjusted very well to his new life and is now among the favorites of the staff. Once he fully recovers, he will be taken to a rescue organization that will find him a home that can provide him with everything he needs in the future.
It’s just great to see Bubba doing well. You watch Bubba reunite with Officer Laurich in the video below. Just look at how happy he is!
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