Watch a Professional Drifter Races Uses Feet To Drive

This is unbelievable! He has no arms, but that’s not stopping him from being a PRO drifter!

Bartosz Ostalowski, a Polish professional drifter, is going viral for his very unique talent! Being a professional drifter is hard, but drifting a car at high speeds with only your feet, that’s insane!?!? This guy knows what he’s doing too! He puts up some awesome fights with his opponents, smokes tires and does donuts like a boss! This all couldn’t be possible without his custom built Nissan Skyline R34 GTR that was custom built for Bartosz to drive. The car is also swapped to have an LS V8! What an awesome driver and car. Share this if you think Bartosz is a badass for not letting anything get in the way of his passion for drifting!

[Source: Youtube]

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