PHOTOS: His Grass Never Grew In This One Spot, So He Digs. Then He Finds A Hatch. What’s Inside? WOW

Many buildings in the United States that have been built during the 60’s and 70’s were equipped with fallout or bomb shelters so that people could stay safe in the possible event of an attack from a warring country.
Schools, hospitals, libraries, and even music halls were built with war safety in mind after seeing the horror that could commence in famous attacks such as the bombing of England known as The Blitz in 1940 and 1941.
Public buildings weren’t the only structures with war safety in mind though, and in fact there were many private residencies that were built with bomb shelters as well, and many are now being uncovered years later.
That is exactly what happened to one man from Arizona when he bought his new home in Tucson.  The man posted his intriguing account on Reddit under the username Captantartica detailing what he stumbled across under his backyard one day.
When Captantartica moved into his new home, the previous owner told him that there is something interesting buried in the back yard, however it is unknown what is back there because they never actively investigated it.
Captantartica knew he had to find out what was under his yard, so he went to the hall of city records to get the plans for his home, and learned that there was most likely a bomb shelter right in his back yard!
This was something that was definitely worth investigating, so he took out a metal detector and started scavenging his yard.  After passing across a few times, he marked out two possible locations that could show some promise, and started digging.
Within minutes, he hit a flat topped hatch, and opened it up to reveal this incredible sanctuary buried beneath the ground.
It was actually in pretty bad condition when he first opened up to it, however with some time and help, he got buckets to remove all the fallen dirt, sand, and gravel from the shelter so that he could move around freely inside.
A spiral staircase led to the bottom which was quite spacious.
With this type of space hidden beneath the ground, this man has the possibility to survive for elongated periods of time in complete safety.
The shelter needed a bit of work done on it though, so Captantartica poured in a new layer of concrete for the floor and had new fiberglass walls installed so that it could make for a nice new looking space.
In addition to repairing the inside, he was also working on the entrance, making it look much nicer and easier to access.
While many people are very happy for Captantartica with his new level of safety, others are talking about using the place as a hangout area, because it would make the perfect man cave to chill out.

If you want to see more photos from this amazing fallout shelter, you can check them out here, and let us know if you have ever been in one in your lifetime in the comments below.

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