PewDiePiee On Why He Was Evicted From His UK Home

 YouTube superstar PewDiePie has been evicted from his home and recording studio in sunny Brighton – can you guess why?

That’s right! Because the man yells, all the time. If you’ve watched any of his videos, you’ll know this to be true, and it seems his neighbours and landlord had simply had enough.

It’s worth noting that PewDiePie mostly records in a soundproof room where he can scream his heart out.

However, on occasions when he needs more space, he records in his kitchen – and that’s where the problems really begin.

Check out the video below to hear an angry neighbour having a go at the YouTuber in the middle of recording a video. It’s pretty funny till the neighbour calls him a ‘faggot’.
[Source: Youtube]
Mr Pie later revealed over Twitter that the neighbour thought he was having gay sex, and the landlord soon came by to evict him.
PewDiePie was understandably miffed at the situation:

If you’re gonna be a landlord in Brighton, the gay capital of UK, maybe try not be a fuckin’ prejudiced piece of shit, how bout that? I could buy this house, I don’t fucking need you.

Still, while any kind of homphobic slurs are well out of order, if PewDiePie and his mates were making too much noise, his neighbours had a right to complain – even if they didn’t do so in the most tactful of ways.

Check out a previous warning below: 
PewDiePie already has another office/flat lined up – hopefully he can do his thing without pissing off the new neighbours, and we can all get back to living with some semblance of peace.

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