This Girl Walked Out Of Her High School Graduation And The Reason Why Has The Internet Obsessed!

Graduating high school is one of the biggest milestones in a person’s lifetime. After receiving your diploma, you usually go back to your seat and wait until the ceremony is over so that you and your buddies can take photos together.

However, one recent high school graduate is blowing up the internet after she unexpectedly walked out her graduation ceremony immediately after receiving her high school diploma. Tayler Michelle Gray is a recent graduate of Parkland high school in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

During her junior year in high school, the 19-year-old student had been enrolled in the school’s online program to finish her degree while studying at Lehigh Career and Techinical Institute. She is working to become a nursing assistant. Near the end of March she began her current job at a rehabilitation center.

‘I walked out because I got my diploma and there was no reason for me to stay for the rest of it,’ she revealed in an interview to Buzzfeed. ‘I didn’t want to sit with all the people. That’s a lot of traffic to sit in after.’

After tweeting the video of her walking out of the graduation ceremony, people began to tweet Tayler positive responses. Some people were calling her a ‘queen’ and ‘GOAT’, which stands for ‘greatest of all time’. However not everyone was praising her actions.

Others said that they thought that her actions were disrespectful, saying that she should’ve just waited like everyone else. But Tayler doesn’t see it that way. ‘If I was being disrespectful I would’ve made a scene. I just minded my own business and kept walking,’ she explained in an interview with Buzzfeed.

Regardless of the public opinion, Tayler seems to be pretty content with her decision. After the ceremony, the family took photos and got dinner at Applebee’s.

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