This Looks Like Another Ordinary Garage, But Keep Your Eyes On The Car On The Right…WOW!

Garages are intended to be used for cars, but so often these days we find that there just isn’t enough space in there to actually fit a vehicle – not with the lawnmower, toolset or even your son’s annoying drum kit in the way.

If you are having some serious storage problems in the garage, Park and Slide from totallifting is the perfect solution. By adding a sliding pad underneath your tires, the Park and Slide allows your to make room for everything in the garage!

Designed and created in the UK, the Park and Slide is the simplest way to get the most space out of your limited garage. Often times garages only end up holding one car, despite being “designed” for two.

Simply place the Park and Slide mats down on the floor of your garage, exactly where your car’s tires will rest. Now all you have to do is drive right onto the elevated mat, park then get out.

Now you can easily push the car all the way into the side of the garage, leaving the other side open for another car. No more deciding who gets to keep their car in the garage – you can save both from the rain and snow.

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