Onlookers Are Shocked When 3 Men Jump Onto The Subway Tracks. Then They See It...

New York can be a chaotic place in which the hustle and bustle of city life leave very little opportunity for human compassion to shine through. However, it always finds a way even in the depths of the subway system. Sumeja Tulic, tired from a long week full of bad news, clambered down to the City Hall Station to catch the R train. She heard a loud thump, and when she turned around, she immediately whipped out her phone to record an incredible sight.
A man had fallen onto the tracks, and despite shouts to wake up, he remained unconscious on the rails. Upon hearing the thump, another man peered over the ledge, and immediately jumped down in an attempt to hoist him up. He was joined by two other men while a handful of people rushed to tell the train operator of what had happened. Station workers sent out an alert to all the trains in the area, but power to the tracks weren’t shut off, transit official later said. A train could have shown up at any minute. Eyewitnesses said they weren’t certain that they were going to pull him up in time.
The three men’s combined strength was enough to lift him up over the ledge onto the platform. Moments later, the R train pulled in as the unconscious man was comforted by his rescuers. “That is the greatest thing,” Ms. Tulic said. “The infrastructure in this city of millions is the people themselves providing, being there for others. Without even knowing the person, who he is, no matter what denomination he subscribes to. It was beautiful to see.” Tulic’s video below captures all of the action.
[Source: Youtube]

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