Nobody Can Work Out WTF These North Koreans Are Doing In This Pic

 You can always rely on North Korea to provide you with something bizarre and in this case, pretty much inexplicable.
A picture has been posted to Reddit that appears to show hundreds of people walking along a roller coaster track, reports the Daily Mail.
The alarming photo was posted by user redseedit with the title ‘North Korea human roller coaster’ but it turns out he didn’t even realise what he’d caught on camera.
 Apparently, on a trip to North Korea in 2012 he visited the Taesongsan Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery where he took a photo of the view.
But it wasn’t until he got home and zoomed in on one of his pics that he noticed something, well, see for yourselves…
 The photo featured the Taesongsan Fun Fair in the background and what looked like a roller coaster with a shit load of people just wandering along the tracks.
Redseedit guessed that maybe the coaster was being repaired and uploaded the picture to Reddit, in the hope that someone would be able to confirm his suspicions.

Needless to say, it sparked a bit of a debate, with hundreds of redditors putting forward their views as to what the hell was going on.
Some suggested it was being painted – but people were quick to point out that was unlikely, with astouffer writing: 
                That doesn’t make any sense. How do you paint it with that many people? What surface would you even paint without 1,000 people touching it while walking along?
And pinnone agreed: 
                  It seems completely impractical to paint something using that many workers, walking around on the object that’s being painted.
Inevitably, the jokes started to pour in, with Jerem1ah_EU suggesting it was just Kim Jong Un playing Rollercoaster Tycoon.
While R34maybesomeday suggested that it was all down to a lack of power in the country:
               They probably don’t have the electricity to run the coasters so they just let people walk around the track.
Answers on a postcard please…

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