They Found This Fawn Lying In The Road. Then, They Looked Closer And Saw Something Shocking

We often forget how much of the world we share with animals. Our roads crisscross millions of acres of animal habitats all around the world. That's why it's an invaluable lesson for a newborn fawn to learn the dangers of a highway. Obviously, this fawn hasn't yet grasped that while his spots are designed for camouflage, they aren't effective when trying to blend in with asphalt.

When Stephen comes across this newborn fawn lying in the middle of a country road, he thinks it's dead. It's motionless and spread flat against the road, almost as if it's been squashed into a pancake by a car. But, as he gets closer, he notices its breathing and sees its head move. That's when Stephen knows that it's his responsibility to get the helpless baby to safety and reunite it with its mother. To do so, he enlists his buddy to try and pick up the deer and move it to the side of the road, hoping that once it's safe from traffic, it will return to the care of its onlooking mother.

Of course, deer can be extremely skittish. Handling an endangered fawn is a very delicate matter, and the rescuer must take great pains not to disturb either the fawn or its mother, which could inadvertently lead to their permanent separation. The stakes are high as Stephen and his buddy attempt to return this helpless fawn to its home. Watch and find out if they're successful.

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