Neil Buchanan Is Up To Very Different Things These Days

Ah, Art Attack.

We all loved sitting in front of our televisions with cardboard, scissors and PVA glue, ready to make a masterpiece.

However, we gave up two minutes in and proceeded to cover our hands in PVA, just so we could peel it off once it had dried - oh the nostalgia

Eventually, we grew out of Art Attack, as did the show's presenter, Neil Buchanan.

Neil ended his 17-year stint with the show in 2007, leaving to focus on other things. Specifically, his music.

It'll surprise you all to find out that he is part of the heavy metal band Marseille.

The group formed in 1976, and reunited in 2008. He was a founding member in 1976, no less.

[Source: Youtube]

[Source: Youtube]

The 55-year-old is the axe man of the group, and is just as handy with a guitar as he was with a paint brush.

The band won the UK Battle Of The Bands, at Wembley, in 1977, and were the first British outfit to do so. Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen were the judges, so it was a pretty big thing.

As odd as it is, he certainly fits in

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