Neighbors Report A 90-Year-Old Widow For Having A Messy Home. Then A Man Shows Up And Does THIS

Agnes, a 90-year-old widow, with a wonderful heart let her relatives store things in her yard and home. Over time, their mess quickly grew, and Agnes’s house became a dumping ground for unwanted goods and trash. At 90-years-old, Agnes didn’t have the means to clean the entire mess herself, but she tried anyways. She opened up her own home, and relatives started dumping trash in her own home.
Over time, this had a very negative effect on the rest of the neighborhood. Eventually, her neighbors reported her, and she was fined $2,500 for each day she did not take care of the trash. She could barely maintain the rest of her house let alone the mess of trash that had accumulated over time. It seemed like Agnes was never going to escape this…
Then a man showed up at her door.
He was from a non-profit organization called Operation Blessing. The man and his crew went to work, and with all hands on deck, they cleaned Agnes’s house. They removed all the trash in her yard, the old trailer, and all the junk that had built up over time. But, they didn’t just stop there. They went above and beyond and renovated her yard by giving her a garden to enjoy. Moreover, Operation Blessing repaired Agnes’s roof and surprised her with new air conditioning!
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