Neighbor Sees Man Build Garden Shed In Yard. But What’s Hidden Inside Is Blowing The Minds of...

There is something special about going to the movies. The whole experience – the big screen, the cozy chairs you can just sink into, the sweets and popcorn – somehow just really enhance whatever movie you’ve gone to see.

Well, this UK-based company is bringing that experience right to your home… in a most amazing way.

Anyone walking into this incredible little shed will be knocked off their feet. All I know is that I would absolutely love to sit through a movie in this cozy room!

It begins with a basic sketch.
 From there, the amazing construction begins.
 The walls are erected.
 As are the beams.
 The lighting is installed.
 A small porch creates the perfect look for the yard.
 Here it is, with a coat of paint. Looks just like a
 regular garden shed or perhaps a small guest house, right?
 But when you open the door and step inside…
 You suddenly find yourself in an awesome mini movie
 theater, with lighting like a starry sky.
 Comfy, classic red cinema chairs are installed 
to create the perfect harmony.
 And also perhaps as importantly, sweets and soda to 
complete the perfect movie experience.
 Naturally, your own collection to chose from. Seriously, if I ever own a house with a large yard, this awesome project
 will be first on my list!

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