Mom's 4 Days Overdue With Twins. Rather Than Panic, She Decides To Do THIS... Incredible!

 As beautiful as pregnancy can be, by the time you’re due, you definitely want your baby out. But if you’re carrying twins and 4 days have already passed since your expected labor date, how would you react?
Desperate to see her twin boys, one overdue mother decided to do something special and captured it on camera. Alongside her husband, the couple turned their living room into one lively dance party, dancing enthusiastically to “Let’s Get It Started” by  the Black Eyed Peas.
 In the clip, the expectant mom was heard speaking to her twins, “Wes and Isaac, you’re four days overdue. You brought this on yourself.” Then, she starts to show off her smooth and amazing moves.
Two days later,  Mom entered labor and gave birth to her twins. I guess Mom’s dancing did have some effect. The twins must have felt Mom having a lot of fun, and they wanted to join in on the action.
Watch the video and enjoy this pregnant mother’s dancing!
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