Mom Poses In A Beautiful White Dress. 37 Years Later, Daughter Looks At The Photo And Sees It

Jen Wicki was adopted as a baby and didn’t learn about this until she was 7-years-old. Because she was adopted at such a young age, she never met her birth parents. The truth was shocking for her and triggered a lifelong yearning to know who her biological parents were in the hopes that it offer better insight into who she is.
It was not until her early 20s that she began signing up for registries and ancestry tracing services. It was a fruitless effort. Fast forward several years and after DNA tests and even running a local news story, there were still a lot of gaps to fill in. She started to feel as if no one was looking for her. An inner voice nagged that no one cared enough to be looking for her. She trudged on, relentlessly filling in the family tree until March 2015 when she found a 4th cousin who shared a great grandparent with her. She was getting close.
An expert offered to help her, and together they found someone who might be her mother and found that she could have 7 siblings. She knew in her heart it had to be her. She wrote and then rewrote multiple drafts of a letter she wanted to send to her. Jen had it sent certified and was notified that it had arrived on April 9, 2015, but no one was there to sign for it. Her possible mother never collected it. Jen tried writing again with the same results. Convinced that her biological mother was avoiding her, she started to lose hope when a Facebook message arrived in her inbox a month later. It was from her sister. Terrified of what it might say, she clicked to open the message with trembling fingers. Find out what the message said from Jen herself by watching the video below.

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