Mom And Baby Fall Off A 30-Foot Bridge, Even Cops Are Shocked By What Mom Did...

 After getting into a minor accident on the I-35 Bridge over 4th Street in Waco, Texas, Jennifer Duncan and her son Daniel waited on the shoulder for police to arrive at the scene.
Originally on her way to drop her baby off to daycare before heading to work, Jennifer could not have imagined how significant the impact of this minor collision would be on her life.
  Jennifer thought she was protected from oncoming traffic because she was standing behind a car parked infront of the accident site, but when an oncoming car slammed into the parked vehicle, the car was pushed towards Jennifer and Daniel.
The resulting force from the car pushed Jennifer and her baby off the edge of the bridge right into 4th Street.
 Keeping Daniel tightly in her embrace, Jennifer did her best to keep him entirely shielded from the impending impact of the fall.
Jennifer and Daniel fell over 30 feet before slamming into the pavement below.
Amazingly enough, Jennifer shielded Daniel so well that the massive fall only resulted in him having a scratch.
Jennifer, on the other hand, laid in the street with her leg severed below the knee. After being rushed to the hospital, it was determined that Jennifer’s leg would have to be amputated.
On top of the major leg damage, Jennifer’s fall resulted in a shattered pelvis, forcing her to undergo several rounds of surgery in order to recover from the accident.
Jennifer has a long road to recovery ahead, but she saved her son’s life in an incredible act of bravery, and amazingly was able to save her own as well.
[Source: Youtube]

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