Marines Line Up In Formation. When The Band Does THIS, The Crowd Is Completely Astounded

For the third Birthday Ball concert, the Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band had a very special performance planned.
The group created a highly-entertaining mashup of Macklemore’s popular songs, “Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us.” The result is absolutely astounding!
Corporal Eric Fisher rewrote all the lyrics to fit the event, and Sergeant Justin Lienemann pitched in to help where he could. Once finished, the two worked with Sergeant Josh Lively to orchestrate the entire performance and put the whole performance together.
The Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band was created during World War II, and it has been used and deployed occasionally throughout the years. The band contributes to conflicts overseas like in Afghanistan by sending motivated volunteers to help the Marines established there.
The band performs a variety of musical genres. This ranges from Broadway tunes to classical and contemporary music. Each member of the band is combat-trained, and they are just as proficient and skillful with their weapons as they are with their musical instruments.
[Source: Youtube]

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