This Mom Saved Her Baby From A Horrible Future In Less Than A Minute

CCTV shows a mother struggling to protect baby from a horrible man.

 Dramatic moment man tries to Snatch BABY in the Arms of her Mum

 Watch as the man tried to snatch the three-month-old baby from her arms in broad daylight.

The video shows the stranger attacking Irene Cajal from behind. He knocked her to the ground from behind and grappled violently to take her child in the central Buenos Aires neighbourhood of Paternal.

Stranger knocked Irene Cajal from behind as she walked in Buenos Aires

The attacker wrestled Ms Cajal to the ground in a bid to take the baby, but eventually fled for fear her screams would attract attention. Police are still trying to identify the attacker, who was wearing a wooly hat and tracksuit bottoms and carrying a black rubbish bag over his shoulder.

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[Source: Youtube]

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