This Man Hurls A Huge Rock Through A Car Window, But Keep Your Eyes On The Dog Inside

Winter might be the season for staying inside, but a strong case can be made for the summer, too. While these next few months are the most popular for outdoor activities, my pale self would rather cozy up on the couch with the AC on full blast instead. The scorching heat can be a bit too much for some people to take, but it's even harsher on babies and dogs.

You should never leave a dog alone in a car, especially during the hot summer months. It is an incredibly dangerous situation that could cost your precious pet its life.

On one sweltering day in Canada, one man caught a good samaritan making attempt after attempt to rescue a little dog from a hot car. Will Costa was just hanging out at a popular camping site in Grand Bend, Ontario. "There was a music festival happening and the announcer mentioned there was a dog in a hot car and for the owner to let the dog out," Costa told The Dodo. "No one came after a while, so everyone got together to solve the issue.”

Costa caught an unidentified man on camera repeatedly trying to smash the car’s back window with a large rock.

The temperatures were hovering around 86 degrees Fahrenheit, but it was much hotter inside the car, as temperatures can rise rapidly inside a small enclosure. According to the Humane Society of the United States, 70-degree temperatures can soar to 116 degrees within one hour. That's bad enough for humans, but dogs don't sweat to cool off the way we do. Just ten minutes alone in a car with no air conditioning can be lethal for your pooch.

After a few heaves with the heavy rock, the man busted through the car and unlocked the passenger door.

The sweltering pup gladly climbed into his rescuer’s arms.

Had the rescue taken a few more minutes, this story might not have had such a happy ending. Kudos to you, sir, for your quick thinking!

For information on what to do if you encounter a dog trapped in a parked car, click here.

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