Man Leaves A Baby Otter Alone On The Beach, But Keep Your Eyes On The Left Side Of The Screen...

 You otter check out this homecoming.
ZooToby, a 6-weeks-old otter pup from the Marina Otter family was found alone in his natal holt. He went to look for his family, but was unsuccessful and fell into a canal.
Luckily, he was found and made it into the care of the Wildlife Reserves Singapore, where he was nursed back to health by a team of vets.
After a quick 10 days, ZooToby was finally recovered and ready to get back to his natural habitat.
At 12 PM on May 19th, the opportunity came. A small family of otters were lounging on the Singapore beach until they noticed ZooToby’s high pitched cries. One by one, each adult otter came closer to the young pup, carefully sniffing him and acknowledging him into the family.
Finally, the pup was welcomed back home, and the group of otters walked off into to the shores of the beach as one big happy family.

[Source: Youtube]

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