Louis Theroux Reunited With Recovering Alcoholic From His Documentary

I cannot get enough of Louis Theroux documentaries. They're insightful, interesting and thought-provoking.

One of his most recent offerings, Drinking To Oblivion, saw him interviewing patients whose alcoholism had landed them in A&E. It was gripping, extremely emotional and, at times, uncomfortable to watch.

During the documentary, we met a 32-year-old guy called Joe Walker who was told that his alcoholism would kill him if he did not stop drinking. Viewers watched him repeatedly attempt to kick his life-threatening habit and then relapse again in some awfully upsetting scenes.

However, Theroux took to Twitter earlier this week to confirm Walker has now been sober for eight months. "Congrats dude!" he wrote.

We're buzzing he's come this far and hope he can continue to remain sober and turn his life around.

Well played, Joe! 

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