Little Girl Was Sent Home By Doctors To Die Peacefully, But No One Saw THIS Coming...

Brittany Backenhaster’s mother, Jamie, described her as a child who was “full of life” and loved singing in church. One morning, Jamie found her daughter on the floor of her bedroom gurgling and shaking. She was having a grand mal seizure, something Jamie was familiar with herself. Jamie took control of her disorder with medication, but when conventional measures failed for Brittany, they started to lose hope that Brittany would ever live a regular life — or even live.
Jamie felt personally responsible. “I blamed myself a lot. I gave my daughter this sickness,” she told the Christian Broadcasting Network. Brittany had to wear a helmet to protect her during her seizures and took costly medication to help her. Sometimes, the Backenhasters found it difficult to find the funds for the medication. The stress of having a sick child and financial woes took its toll on them. At one point, Brittany had been in the hospital for three weeks. Brain scans showed that her entire brain was seizing, and there was nothing they could do for her. Doctors told Jamie to take her home to let her be comfortable in her last moments.
Jamie spent all night praying over her child, and in the morning Brittany began to respond for the first time in a year. The first words she uttered were, “Jesus! Jesus!” Brittany looked at her mother and described her deathbed encounter with Jesus with vivid detail not common to five-year-olds. The doctors, astounded with the turnaround, gave her a clean bill of health the next day. Watch the story in the video below.

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