This Boy’s Response Is All of Us When Asked If We Want Kids

Most kids would love a new sibling in the family. A little sibling means having someone to play with, someone to share secrets with, and well, someone to blame when mom’s cookies suddenly disappear from the cookie jar.

This little guy, however, is unlike most kids. When asked by his mom whether he wants a younger brother or a sister, he immediately becomes grumpy, telling her that he wants something else instead.

You can definitely say that this kid is pretty serious about not wanting a sibling, especially by the look on his face that you’re about to see on the video. Watch the funny interaction between the son and his mother on the clip below.

Did you see how his expression instantly turned sour when his mom asked whether he would prefer a brother or a sister? It’s quite telling, isn’t it?

Looks like someone doesn’t want anyone trumping him as mommy’s only child. Maybe if he gets a dog, he’ll take the role of being the awesome big brother!

I have a feeling he’s getting a younger sibling whether he wants one or not, though…

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