Lisa Marie's Wrenching Duet With Her Late Father Will Leave You Covered In Goosebumps

Lisa Marie Presley is the daughter of the King of Rock N’ Roll, Elvis Presley. She recorded a duet with her late father for a stunning reason.
Wanting to raise support for the Presley Foundation, Lisa recorded herself singing one of her father’s all-time classics, “In The Ghetto.” Then, with some editing, she merged her voice into her father’s song to create a timeless duet that will move you to tears. You can feel the passion and emotion in Lisa’s voice as she sings. The combination of their two voices is pure gold!
The moment this song was released, Lisa’s goal was reached. The “In The Ghetto” duet became a number one song in the United States. Not only did the proceeds of the song fund the Presley Foundation, but the duet also touched the lives of many. It raises awareness for those in poverty and those living in violence.
[Source: Youtube]

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