A Young Child Turns To Run Towards Mommy - Now Keep Your Eyes On The Lion

After the horrific incident at the Cincinnati Zoo, where a young boy fell into a gorilla enclosure and the gorilla was subsequently shot, videos like this are popping up all around the Internet! These parents and their young son were enjoying a day at the Chiba Zoological Park in Japan when they got an unexpected "surprise" from a lion just behind the protective glass.

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The little boy approached the lion's den and excitedly turned around to show his mother, when the lion sprung into action. As soon as the boy turned his back to the giant wild cat, it ran toward him with force and slammed directly into the glass. The zookeepers told a local news outlet that the lion is known to run towards kids, but they see it in a more playful manner. "He frolics when he sees small children," they explain.

[Source: Youtube]

No matter if it was in good spirits or not, these type of close encounters with large predatory animals needs to end. Nature is meant to run its course, and getting human children entangled in the potential danger is unnecessary. Watch the heartstopping clip for yourself in the video below.

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