Lad Asks Fiancee Simple Question About Pizza And Her Answer Is Ridiculous

You've probably seen Brad Holmes's videos floating around Facebook before.

Usually you see him pranking his fiancee in various different ways. However, recently instead of pranking her, he's taken to asking her questions, hoping for some comical answers.

One of his more recent videos saw him ask a fairly simple question about pizza.

He asked if a waiter offered to cut her pizza into either eight slices, or 12, what would she say? Unfortunately, her answer was a bit ridiculous.

She says: "I'd have eight Brad. This is what bugs me about you, you're not understanding what I'm saying. I'd have eight, because I can't eat the extra four, because that would be too much for me. Why are you laughing?!"

6.7million people have now seen her blunder on Facebook. There's no hiding from this.

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