Kendal Jenner Reveals Nipples Again And Daily Mail Readers Went Nuts

For reasons unknown having a pair of nipples is now considered news – or at least it is if your surname’s Jenner.

Kendall Jenner was recently snapped on the streets of New York in a sheer shirt which left very little to the imagination, even revealing her nipple piercing.

While the rest of the world is as bored as we are with Kendall’s attention seeking antics, we know one group who aren’t – Daily Mail commenters.

Mail readers couldn’t wait to let everyone know exactly how they feel about Kendall’s see through top and the crowds were split.

There were those who were just plain creepy about it… 

The moral puritans…

 And the lost social justice warrior…

 Daily Mail comments aside, this isn’t the first time that the 20-year-old’s been snapped in a rather compromising position.

Back in May, she broke Instagram’s rules on nudity when she shared a picture of herself wearing another sheer ‘black bralet’, where her nipples could be seen.

Trust the Mail readers to make such ‘tits’ out of themselves over a bunch of nothing.

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