Justin Bieber's Fans Horribly Betrayed Him By Uploading Multiple Videos Of Him Falling Off Stage

Listen I've  got nothing on Justin Bieber. The dude's got a full head of beautiful hair. Sure, I'm confident I could absolutely f*ck him up in a fight, but the dude has enough money to hire guys who could f*ck me up in two seconds. He can get pretty much any man and woman in the world that he wants. He can buy anything he wants, and he even has a dad who compliments him on the size of his penis. My dad never did that.

It must be why people get so happy whenever they see a star fall on stage. For a brief moment they can feel superior to the rich and famous and successful person who actually achieved their dreams.

For a second, you're a blithering, fallable human, just like the rest of us Justin Bieber.

And we can see him prove it from multiple angles as he unknowingly walks right off the stage.

I mean my mind is telling me that seeing him fall from yet another angle shouldn't make me happy...

...but the shallow, real, part of myself can't help but smile inside when I see this.

 The fall didn't seem to bother Bieber at all, as he was proud of his performance - I mean, he event tweeted about it.

But you didn't mention the fall, Justin. Did you? Huh? Did you think the internet would forgive and forget?

No, we remember every fall of yours, like this one where you wiped out on water during the 'Sorry' tour. 

I mean, it's all right. I think his tens of millions of dollars will make him feel better about tripping up on stage. But maybe not that he's now basically trying to be Ryan Gosling from The Place Behind The Pines. 

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