Judge Breaks Down And Bawls When He Turns Around And Sees Who's Singing On Stage - WOW!

 A disability isn’t a hindrance to be able to achieve one’s dream, and Vernon Barnard is proof.
 Born with glaucoma, Barnard could see clearly before he completely lost his sight at the age of five. Despite having difficulties trying to live life normally in total darkness, he went on to pursue his passion for singing and auditioned for the prestigious singing competition,The Voice: South Africa.
He had no idea what was about to happen, particularly to one judge.
With his beautiful rendition of  “Story of My Life” by One Direction, he managed to impress the judges. In fact, three of them turned around for him.
However, when Bobby van Jaarsveld, one of the judges, realized he could not see, he broke down in tears. Apparently, he felt a very strong connection with this contestant. He wasn’t just amazed by his talent, but also by his courage and positivity in life.
Barnard’s performance was truly heartwarming, but keep watching it until the end. I was completely touched.
[Source: Youtube]

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