Janitor Shovels A Path For Others, But When I Saw His Design, I Burst Out Laughing!

A janitor played the perfect prank on the company. I could not stop laughing when I saw what he did!
When heavy snow hit and made it incredibly difficult to walk, this janitor thought of a brilliant and hysterical plan. Snow was piled high on the ground, and it was the janitor’s job to shovel away and pave a path for people to walk on.
However, rather than pave a normal, short path, this janitor got clever and decided to uncover a ridiculous path. He shoveled a zig-zagged path that is super long.
Some of the unexpected employees fell for his prank, and they continued walking in every absurd direction the path took them. Others were not as easily fooled. They made their own path straight to where they needed to go without bothering to follow the paved path. Some even ran into each other (I’m still not sure how this happened…)
Whatever the case, I am sure this janitor got quite the chuckle from his brilliant prank.
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