ITV Pulls Loose Women Off Air After Protesters Storm Studio

The show everyone loves to hate – Loose Women – was taken off the air abruptly after a men’s rights group stormed the studio.

Fathers 4 Justice – an equal parenting rights campaign – invaded the daytime TV show’s set. None of the invaders could be seen on screen but could be heard shouting ‘Fathers For Justice, no kids no cash!’

One of the Loose Women panelists turned to the protesters and said: “Oh, hello,” before coverage cut to the show’s logo and the audio was cut out.

Loose Women tweeted shortly after removing the Fathers 4 Justice members and continued on with the show.

They said it was three audience members who caused the disruption.

And Michelle Heaton, who has been a guest on the show, praised producers for the speedy recovery (I think most people would have wished it was cut for longer, though).

Some were excited about the interruption (who wouldn’t be during Loose Women), while others were embarrassed to have been watching it in the first place (no shit).

Let’s face it, I don’t think many people would mind if the show was permanently interrupted…

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