Instead Of Making Disney Heroes And Villains Fight, This Artist Brings Them Together

We all felt the tension when Simba finally went home and confronted Scar. We watched as an awful queen with a mirror fixation sent her hunters after Snow White, and we cheered as Mulan triumphed over Shan-Yu.
But we've never really seen Disney heroes and villains come together. Foils for good and evil, these animated antitheses remain worlds apart in the movies we all know and love, but what would happen if they were forced to get along?

Judging by this artist's work, something beautiful comes to pass when they're drawn into one image. Oh My Disney contacted Dada and commissioned a mashup series in which each character is depicted as the yin to their counterpart's yang.

Using nothing but colored pencils and a whole lot of imagination, Dada brings reconciliation to characters that usually hang out at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Because the process of blending two faces is a complicated one, Dada experiments with color to bring the characters together as gracefully as possible, which wouldn't be possible if she took a more literal approach. 

If you've ever wanted Snow White and the Evil Queen to set aside their differences and play nice, now's your chance. Watch Dada make your Disney dreams come true in the video below! 

[Source: Youtube]
This collection is proof positive that we're all better when we set our nonsense aside and come together.

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