She posts her bikini photo online. But what she writes above it inspires women everywhere!

Linda-Marie Nilsson is a journalist and blogger from Sweden. She also happens to be a plus size woman. Recently she bravely shared a photo of herself wearing a bikini at the beach. What she says about this photo is so inspiring.

    "I said that I would tell you what I'm worried about when I'm on the beach. So here it is: It's not my body, it is not my beautiful calluses, my cellulite, my large breasts that threaten to jump out of the bikini when I move too much. It's not my great butt, which perhaps is a little big for the small deck chairs, it is not my unique stretch marks that no one else has. What I'm worried about is everyone else. I'm worried about everyone who looks like me, but who is ashamed of it. Who is hiding in the towel or never takes off his t-shirt. Who anxiously looking at everyone else to see if they look back.

    When so many of you are writing to me that you skip going to the beach because you don't want anyone to see you, I'm heartbroken. You shouldn't have to give up fun because you're ashamed of your bodies.
    If I want to show something, I don't care for even two seconds about what anyone thinks about my body. It's mine and I love it. It can be anything that a skinny body can, it is excellent and it's bloody beautiful. Just like everyone else's. And that's why I'm also sad that not all of you realize how beautiful you are. But I hope that you understand it a little bit more now."

What a great message! It's important to love your body. No matter the size or shape, they're all beautiful. Share if you agree!

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